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2020 Bonneville

2020--What a year huh? Luckily the covid crisis did not deter SpeedWeek 2020 or World Finals 2020, really good because I was in desperate need of some salt therapy as was the rest of the team.

We loaded up the trucks and headed north to the great white salt dyno to see what our new offering would bestow upon us. New aero work, new slightly longer swing arm, new tires and more boost than ever.

We started of SW2020 with bumping the MPS-BPF-1350 record up too 183mph, formerly 168mph. After a quick clash change to gas class, we went hunting and were rewarded with a 187mph two way average for the MPS-PBG-1350 class, formerly a 165mph record. Time for another class change. this time to naked class, M-PBG-1350, a 158mph record which we bumped to 171mph. This was all achieved over a five day duration, we even broke the chain tension on one of the record runs and fidangled it back together in impound to make our back up run the next day.

A month later and its World Finals, armed with an added chain guide, some lead weights and a new clutch, we were back to hunt.

First target was the M-PBF-1350 class with a standing record of 155mph. Rolling off the trailer and making our first run we were rewarded with a 177mph run. The next day despite head winds, we backed it up with a 175mph run, netting us a 176.5mph avg which put a healthy bump on the record. After that we decide, "what the heck" lets try to bump the already bumped MPS-PBF-1350 record. Class change and throwing the clothes back on the bike, we ran 197.014mph at the 3 mile mark. The next morning we lined back up for our backup run. I had made some tune changes hoping to coax the magical 200 out of the Muell. I missed the tune up and also a gear! Muell ran 189mph in 4th gear! Despite the missed gear and me missing the mark on the tuneup, it still bumped the MPS-PBF-1350 record to a stout 192.972mph.

The Muell has proven to be a very stout package and will continue to evolve. Now as winter arrives, we will begin tear down and start R&D in the pursuit of 200+mph for next year.

Click link below for video of the 197mph run.