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A Wet World Finals

Bonneville World Finals, how do I begin....EPIC! The Salt was amazing to say the least. Everyone on Tuesday was putting up record numbers. Team Vescos Turbinator went an astounding 503mph, Rick Yacoucci threw down a scorching 409mph pass, John Levie made a nice 211mph shake down run on two cylinders after a relay had jostled loose, and JB-Tech went 168mph on the ole Turbo Muell. We all sat in impound holding our breath as weather approached, around 6PM the rain started, by 6:30 we had near 70mph gust with pelting rain mixed with the salt the wind had kicked up. The next day we arrived at the salt hopeful, it was drying fast and the salt looked intact, but it was all for naught. Around 6pm on Wednesday, the rain came back and hammered the Bonneville Salt flats until almost 1:30am Thursday. We arrive Thursday, 7:30AM sharp only to find the lake had returned. A standing two to three inches of water confirmed our suspicions, we were done for the season. No back up runs, no records, only a reminder the we race on mother natures terms. Time to begin prepping for next year.....