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Travis Munster's 1968 Big Block Camaro

The last few weeks have been very busy for JB-Tech. One of the most recent projects was Travis Munster's 1968 Pro-Touring Camaro. It runs a 489ci big block stroker with AFR heads, custom cam, an Edelbrock FI intake with one of their 1000 cfm four-barrel throttle bodies. Its all tied together with a MS3Pro EVO calling the shots. We enabled a lot of trick features including full traction control, launch control, 2-step, and table switching to dial down the power when he gets caught out in the rain.

The car also has some other trick bits including a Richmond Gear NASCAR 5-speed transmission, Detroit Speed front suspension using C5 Corvette hubs, a fully built GM 12 bolt with Cal-Tracks tying it to the pavement.