The weak firewall in the 2008-2014 WRX is a known issue.  The ITS Transmissions Pedal Support Bracket, is the only real solution to this problem to prevent taking apart the dash and welding the firewall.  The flex in the firewall with torn spot welds often causes the pedal assembly to crack causing creaking and squeaking.

The Pedal Support Bracket ties the pedal assembly to the dash support to triangulate the force exerted from the pedal, reinforcing and supporting the weak firewall.

Install takes about 30-60 minutes and results in a massive improvement in reinforcement and pedal feedback over stock.

Save your pedal assembly and save a very expensive firewall fix, with an inexpensive solution! 

fitment for the 08-14 is: 2008-2014 WRX, and STI. 2008-2012 Impreza. 2005-2009 Legacy and 2010-2014 Forester (all LHD)

fitment for the 15+ is: 2015+ WRX and STI. with 2013+ impreza fitment suspected (contact us if you are willing to test fitment for the 2013+ base model impreza) (all LHD)

fitment for the GT8612+ is: 2012+ GT86, BRZ and FRS (all LHD)

Return Policy: Full reimbursement if returned within seven business days of purchase. 15% Restocking fee after seven business days. No returns after 30 days.  Shipping fees not refundable. 

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ITS Pedal Support Bracket