Experience the MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI, featured in Street Outlaws No Prep Kings contestant, The Hulk.

Developed from the MS3Pro 1st Gen platform, the MS3Pro ULTIMATE brings NEXT LEVEL capability to MS3Pro’s staggering feature set beginning with a new high quality aluminum IP65 rated, water resistant enclosure.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE provides 10 programmable peak and hold injector channels for driving any saturated or peak and hold injectors as well as loads of additional I/O eliminating the need for any other controllers, saving you unneeded complexity and weight.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI comes out of the box ready for naturally aspirated and boosted applications with on-board 4-bar MAP and barometric pressure sensors.  MS3Pro ULTIMATE was designed to handle your high power engine combo without breaking a sweat!

No need for a separate data acquisition system, the MS3Pro ULTIMATE will log up to 64 channels, conservatively, at 200hz. The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive, straight-forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self-learning, self-tuning fuel table strategies to assist you.

The MS3Pro ULTIMATE is ready to support a wide variety of engines out of the box, with the ability to control anything with up to 10 cylinders with sequential fuel injection, or a four rotor Wankel with separate leading and trailing ignition outputs. Over 50 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS Engines (24x and 58x), Ford Coyote (including VVT), Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis!

Experience for yourself why more and more racers and performance enthusiasts are recognizing and choosing MS3Pro ULTIMATE by AMP EFI over the competition.

All units are drop shipped from manufacturer. 

MS3-Pro Ultimate

  • MS3Pro ULTIMATE Configurable Inputs/ Outputs:

    • 10 channel 4:1 or 8:2 programmable peak and hold injector outputs
    • 8 logic level ignition outputs
    • 6 digital inputs
    • 5 digital input/ output
    • 5 PWM outputs
    • 2 digital outputs
    • 12 analog inputs plus built-in MAP, Baro, and internal ECU temp sensor
    • 3 high current digital/pwm outputs
    • 3 digital frequency inputs
    • 4 variable reluctor conditioned inputs