Quality Honeywell brass body pressure transducers. 0-100psi with a 0.5 to 4.5v scale. Why risk your high dollar investments by using cheap knock off sensors that can fail leading to fuel leaks, oil leak, and improper readings. These Honeywell sensors have a high quality HNBR diaphragm that is oil, fuel and coolant resistant unlike many cheaper units that use silicon diaphragm which are intolerant of oil and fuel that tends to breaks down and begins to leak by, sometimes resulting in catostrophic failure of the unit, spraying fuel or oil out the connector! Honeywells have a 480psi burst rating and are temperature compensated up to 257F.  


Application Info:

1/4"-NPT Thread



Honeywell 100psi Pressure Sensor

SKU: SNS-100-25